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The Canary Flex – Smart HD Security Camera

24 Jan The Canary Flex – Smart HD Security Camera

If you want a smart HD security camera that can handle the outdoors, then this is the one to get. The creators of Canary Flex deemed it “the most advanced and versatile HD security camera that has ever been created” and if you ask us, they’re probably not far off the mark. This thing is fully weatherproof, has a powerful HD camera with night vision capabilities and works wire-free or plugged in.

Were you caught off guard when we said wire-free instead of wireless? Well, let’s clarify. The Canary Flex security camera has two built-in, rechargeable, lithium-ion batteries that allow it to run for months at a time. That’s right, a security camera advertised as ‘wireless’ normally means the video stream requires no cables running from the camera to a DVR but it sure needs power at all times. Here, the Canary Flex goes a step further and removes the requirement for constant power from the outlet. A truly ‘wire-free’ device.

Clearly, there is still a slew of features that should not go unrecognized. Let’s explore these now.

Passive Infrared Sensor and Advanced Computer Vision

In order to maximize battery life, a low energy motion detector (PIR sensor) runs continuously on the device. When Canary Flex detects motion, a computer vision algorithm “decides” whether what was just recorded should be uploaded to the cloud for additional analysis.

Integrated High-sensitivity Microphone and High-efficiency Speaker

This is pretty cool as it potentially allows for two-way talk (a feature Canary promises to add very soon). Mount the Canary Flex on the gate and you’ve got yourself a sleek looking video intercom.

No Hubs!

You’ve read that right. The device is entirely stand-alone. The camera itself contains all the hardware needed to connect to the cloud over dual-band Wi-Fi (802.11 a/b/g/n).

A Multitude of Accessories

The Canary team really made this into a complete product, a true smart HD security camera. They designed accessories that allow you to mount your Flex anywhere. Use the Twist Mount to wrap your security camera around a tree branch outside or the Steak Mount to place it amongst plants, making it inconspicuous. Limited Wi-Fi range? There’s an accessory for that too. Developed by both Canary and Verizon, the 4G LTE Mount lets your shiny smart camera stay connected at all times.



Diving into some of the specs of this beautiful device we note that the field of view is determined by a 116° wide-angle lens, operating temperature falls between -4° and 113° Fahrenheit and there is built-in AES 256-bit data encryption along with secure web transfer (SSI/TLS). Oh, and by the way – the Canary app is great too.

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