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30 Jun 2018 Can-Am Maverick X3 Turbo R

I. ATV vs. UTV - Different Strokes for Different Folks Let’s make one thing clear, Side-by-Sides (or UTVs) can be a lot of fun. The only group that would probably disagree are fanatical ATV riders. To these guys passengers are redundant. They don’t like any extra cargo as they’re ripping through the woods. I think therein lies the difference between these...

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22 Jun Victorinox Pioneer Alox 2017 Limited Edition Knife

Overview Although Victorinox produces clothing, watches and luggage these days, the company is most famously known for their Swiss Army Knives (SAK’s). This year’s Pioneer Alox Limited Edition is the celebration of the brand’s heritage. This medium pocket knife comes in a brilliant Olive Green color with a scale-like texture. It weighs a mere 2.5 oz. and utilizes the following eight...

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24 Jan The Canary Flex – Smart HD Security Camera

If you want a smart HD security camera that can handle the outdoors, then this is the one to get. The creators of Canary Flex deemed it “the most advanced and versatile HD security camera that has ever been created” and if you ask us, they’re probably not far off the mark. This thing is fully weatherproof, has a powerful...

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